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  • Presentation of desired number of the Artwork
  • Publication of any number of events
  • Event calendar listing and map view
  • Sales of artwork possible
  • 5% of the sale price will be donated to Lebenshilfe Salzburg, the artist or gallery obtains 75% of the revenue and for the operation of Online-Ateliers 20% of the sales price will be withheld.
  • Formation of groups of artists
  • Publishing your entries on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, app and as Feed
  • Insertion of advertising in


Euro 19,--
per Month
  • All services of Basic Membership
  • Own Art page with its own desired (sub) domain
  • 95% of the sale price goes to the artist or gallery, 5% will be donated to the Lebenshilfe
  • Ad-free
  • Only the own works of art and events are displayed under the desired domain
  • All artworks are presented on
  • At least two year contract period


Euro 98,--
per Month
  • All services of the Professional Membership
  • Own design your art page (logo, fonts, colors)
  • Own Art-App for Android and iOS (iPhone / iPad) Smartphones
  • Content Management System for your Art-App to all content to change
  • Presentation of all artworks and events on your Art-App
  • At least two year contract period